Some CBD users have reported extremely vivid dreams: What to know about CBD and sleep

Some CBD users have reported extremely vivid dreams: What to know about CBD and sleep

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The benefits of CBD are reaching further into the consciousness of ordinary people everywhere, especially in America.

As more people turn to the hemp-derived products for their anxiety, chronic pain and other concerns, they’ve also started to learn about its residual results. Among these, testimonials and other first-hand accounts seem to indicate that CBD can have interesting impacts on users’ sleep and dreams.

Many people who have turned to CBD understand it would impact their sleep patterns, because they wanted to use it to help with their insomnia. Indeed, there are even multiple brands and product lines specifically created for nighttime use.

Still, a number of CBD users have reported strange, especially vivid dreams and even occasional nightmares.

These reports may seem to contradict previous studies that showed cannabis’ ability to place the body in deeper levels of sleep for longer periods of time, which could mitigate the duration of Rapid eye movement, or REM, sleep. [3] [4]

The testimonies of especially vivid CBD dreams are definitely present on many community boards, forums and further reports that seem to indicate the trend might have legs.

One literature review from 2017 indicates the therapeutic potential for CBD to treat insomnia and other sleep disorders caused by stress, anxiety and other factors. [4]

The trickier part, however, is tracking the effect of CBD on dreams. [2]

CBD is the non-psychoactive cannabis compound related to THC. Because of this it doesn’t make users high, and it seems contradictory that it would deeply change how the dream process affects people.

One explanation for the sorts of dreams some CBD fans have reported could be full-spectrum products, which use trace amounts of the mind-altering THC compounds to boost the CBD’s benefits in what experts call the “entourage effect.” [3]

Nearly everyone, however, agrees the subject of CBD and dream science needs more research before the people who have come to rely on cannabis can have clear answers surrounding their favorite products on this question. [2] [1]

With CBD’s legalization at the federal level only coming relatively recently at the end of 2018, customers frequently have to rely on trial and error to find the right products.

One thing is for certain, if your dreams or sleep change drastically or make you uncomfortable after using a given product, switch things up and consult with your doctor or CBD retailer of choice.

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