STUDY: 50% of UK respondents 18-34 would prefer CBD to prescriptions for mental health

STUDY: 50% of UK respondents 18-34 would prefer CBD to prescriptions for mental health

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New research seems to indicate that the attitudes of some groups toward how they treat their mental health issues has recently turned a corner.

Eos Scientific recently released the results of a new study showing that in the United Kingdom, half of people in millennial age groups would prefer CBD use to prescriptions for the treatment of their mental health issues.

Open Access Government recently reported that the Eos Scientific study comes as National Health Service wait times have grown drastically across the UK. [1]

The study was aimed at 2,000 UK adults, including those in the 18-34 year-old age range with the highest positivity in responses to questions about CBD.

Results from the study are instructive to how culture in the UK is receiving CBD, at the same time as thousands flock to try out the product or to sell it here in the U.S.

One important aspect of the report was that nearly 15 million British people answering the survey claimed they worried about seeking medical solutions to mental health problems like depression, anxiety and other concerns due to the severity of possible prescriptions.

In the U.S., as well as in the UK, Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors, or SSRIs, are among the most frequently prescribed medications for problems like depression. According to the Mayo Clinic, SSRIs work by regulating the release of serotonin in the brain, leveling the way the brain’s receptors send signals about a person’s mood. [2]

Still, SSRIs have a lengthy list of side effects, which range from dry mouth and changes in libido to complicated drug-mixing accidents that can lead to severe negative outcomes. [2]

Meanwhile, CBD is a largely-untested method to cure or treat issues like anxiety. National Institutes of Health studies show preliminary promise on this front, but more research certainly needs to be conducted to find out how far this reaches. [3]

Back in the UK, the Eos Scientific study showed that 24% of Brits prefer to treat mental health concerns with holistic remedies, and 38% would treat their mental issues with CBD oils. [1]

The CEO of Eos Scientific told Open Access Government that the number of users of CBD in the UK has doubled in the past year, with many citing its ease of access and more natural allure. [1]

“While prescribed medicine will always be the recommendation of medical professionals,” Eos Scientific CEO Simon Manthorpe told Open Access Government. “We are seeing increasing numbers of people turning to more alternative remedies, not just for their mental health but for any number of ailments.”