The Star Tribune’s Jennifer Brooks on Nothing But Hemp and CBD safety

The Star Tribune’s Jennifer Brooks on Nothing But Hemp and CBD safety

MINNEAPOLIS – As Nothing But Hemp and other CBD vendors around Minnesota attempt to reach a growing and curious population of consumers, many have questions about CBD’s legal status and safety.

One of these is Jennifer Brooks, a columnist for the Star Tribune who recently visited Nothing But Hemp and chatted with some of our team before writing her new column, “Minnesota’s CBD business is booming in a legal gray area.” A link to her great article can be found below. [1]

Brooks’ story catalogues the multitude of venues that now offer cannabidiol products. These, which are extracted from hemp but don’t have mind-altering highs, are now turning up everywhere we can imagine, from grocery stores to veterinarian’s offices, as Brooks notes.

From the article:

“Business is brisk. There are four Nothing But Hemp retail locations in and around Minnesota and Brown has plans for more. They buy their merchandise from states where cannabis is regulated and from suppliers they trust to lab-test their products.

‘The goal,’ [Nothing But Hemp CEO Steven] Brown said, ‘is to be the largest, most respected CBD brand in the country.’”

Another aspect of the article is the newest announcement from Minnesota’s Board of Pharmacists, which warned all consumers about the limits of regulation over the CBD industry and the lack of FDA approval for the products. [2]

This gap in the development of the industry is natural and understandable given that hemp products were only recently legalized at the end of 2018.

We should, however, recognize both the ways in which these changes are sure to come into the industry with time, as well as the ways that industry leaders must take charge of their own products and responsibilities.

As CBD soaks deeper into popular use, it’s important that its users stay active in keeping the products they love and rely on legal and protected from excesses or prohibition, but some oversight is sure to crop up in future years. Patience and understanding are key.

On top of those facts, CBD purveyors are doing good, hard work to ensure the best for their customers. Third-party certifications, private analysis labs and clinical trials from European countries where hemp is legal all add to the reliability and credibility of CBD products.

Still, not all CBD shops, manufacturers and companies are created equally or treat their customers’ results with the same sense of weight and responsibility.

At Nothing But Hemp, our product line comes from award-winning, industry leading producers and brands of CBD. Nothing But Hemp’s leadership follows the lab studies of all products the company carries, ensuring these product lines are free of harmful pesticides and have the desired active ingredients.

To learn more about how Nothing But Hemp maintains the highest quality products and follows strict selection processes for brands, follow the link below. [3]