This year’s 4/20 brings a more relaxed vibe thanks to CBD legalization, research and products

This year’s 4/20 brings a more relaxed vibe thanks to CBD legalization, research and products

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It’s once again the holiday season for many believers across the globe, with both Easter and Passover around the corner. For those fans of cannabis, another holiday awaits.

April 20th has long been an excuse for light-up blowouts across the nation, but this year, more than just pot enthusiasts may have a reason to celebrate. That’s because thousands of new customers and interested parties from diverse backgrounds and age-groups have turned to cannabidiol, or CBD, for relief.

Unlike other cannabis products, CBD is lauded by its users for benefits for problems like anxiety, pain and insomnia, but doesn’t get those who use it “high.”

For those who still haven’t tried out CBD — whether with oil drops, edibles or lotions, among myriad other products that keep expanding by the week — there are a few things you should know about the substance.

Recently, both scientific studies and polls have shed new light on the way Americans interact with CBD.

According to surveys done at Quartz, the numbers of Americans interested in CBD are on the rise. This is consonant with the legalization of hemp late last year, but the surge in attention is sure to fundamentally change where Americans go for the relief of the gripes that follow them through life. [3]

Quartz reports that 86% of American respondents in a 2,000-person study have heard of CBD, and 20% have tried the hemp extract.

That’s heartening news, and no wonder given preliminary scientific studies that show promise in how CBD could treat common human ailments. Animal testing is one of the more preliminary aspects of scientific inquiry for human effects, but Medical News Today recently reported on CBD’s promising effects on depression in such tests. [2]

Medical News Today reports that the benefits of CBD seem to come from its interaction with serotonin in the brain, a key element in the brain’s reward and pleasure centers.

Those new findings aren’t alone. The National Institutes of Health has also found in preliminary studies the possibility for CBD to aid in people’s troubling symptoms from anxiety and other mental issues. [4]

Despite the need for further research, investment and honest and open inquiry, countless consumers across the country already rely on CBD for their daily woes.

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