Thousands across America use CBD to declare independence from their woes

Thousands across America use CBD to declare independence from their woes

Advocates of CBD are everywhere, and this beautiful Independence Day, plenty of Americans are turning to the stuff to celebrate.

Whether it’s relaxing with cold beer, listening to classic tunes or seeing the fireworks as the heat of the day wanes, CBD is probably more apart of the all American holiday than you might imagine.

People use cannabidiol for their anxiety, chronic pain, arthritis, sleeplessness and even some forms of epilepsy. It’s widely sought for its ability to provide the benefits of marijuana without getting users high.

First among the 4th’s delights is arguably the cold, fermented elixir we call beer. In the past year, brewing batches of beer using the non-psychoactive hemp compound CBD has risen in popularity, and plenty more breweries would roll out more styles if it weren’t for regulatory messiness at the Food and Drug Administration. [1] [2]

As we wrote back in March, one California brewery had a sample batch of CBD beer as early as 2017. Read more about CBD beer in the link below. [2]

So, what’s more star-spangled than a cold one near your preferred source of water and/or hot grill? Could it be, for instance, the blue jean?

Hemp was legalized as an agricultural product back in December, and its uses are far more than just wellness aids like topical lotions and oil extracts. Hemp is also well-known for its durability and environmental light impact as a textile, its longtime original use in America.

Now, companies in the U.S. are eyeing this year’s hemp harvest as a possibility to make clothing lines with things like blue jeans. Check out Nothing But Hemp’s coverage from March that catalogues Levi’s decision to start manufacturing lines of hemp jeans and other clothes.

The line, called the Wellthread Collection, includes jean jackets, board shorts, shirts and a ton of blue jeans. Read all about it here. [4]

Like throwing on some Americana music when you’re out at the lake or standing around the barbecue pit? You may be surprised that one of the United State’s favorite outlaws is also in the hemp business.

Willie Nelson’s CBD coffee brand was one of the first big-name celebrity dives into the CBD universe, and it fits well with the Red-Headed Stranger’s longtime advocacy of cannabis and cannabis rights.

Learn more about the coffee, called Willy’s Remedy, here. [5]

Last but not least, fireworks get just about everyone excited for the holiday. Read about how CBD for your pets might help assuage dogs’ anxiety during the big show using the link below. [3]