Nothing But Hemp’s newest affiliate, North Country Comfort, brings CBD know-how to Cloquet, MN

Nothing But Hemp’s newest affiliate, North Country Comfort, brings CBD know-how to Cloquet, MN

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Across the cannabis industry there are people who believe in hemp and its power to help improve people’s lives, but don’t necessarily have the expertise to back themselves up.

While he looked around Cloquet, Minnesota’s CBD scene, Danny Shofner saw this all too well. That’s why he started North Country Comfort, a new licensed location of Nothing But Hemp, so he could reach people in his community with quality products and education. [1]

Shofner launched North Country Comfort on Saturday, bringing CBD expertise and reliability to outstate Minnesota for the first time in Nothing But Hemp’s history.

“I started out in the construction industry for eight years,” Shofner said. “I started reading about CBD, and wanted to offer a space where people could feel like they’re really getting their money’s worth.”

Steven Brown, CEO of Nothing But Hemp, knows why so many have found the licensing affiliate program of the company useful and desirable.

“Lots of people believe in CBD, but need the expertise on the science we can offer at Nothing But Hemp,” Brown said. “We put the managers of our licensees through hours of training on CBD, how it relates to people’s bodies, and which products work best.”

What does Shofner hope will set North Country Comfort apart from the pack? “Quality,” he said, point out the exclusive and award-winning products the partnership with Nothing But Hemp will allow.

House brand Siskiyou Sungrown offers a home-grown, farm-to-table experience from the rainy state of Oregon. Charlotte’s Web is another CBD brand to be found at North Country Comfort, along with smokeable CBD brand Lumi.

Be on the lookout for Plant Diva, who will launch nine products of full-spectrum CBD in the next month or so. Learn more about products at Nothing But Hemp with the link below. [2]

Having access to hard-to-reach and industry-leading brands allows customers to access the best CBD on offer with generous margins for those seeking to help people by opening their own locations within the Nothing But Hemp umbrella.

Nothing But Hemp offers not only cutting edge brands but in-house marketing connections, management training and a load of other resources that make starting in on your own CBD adventure as painless and exciting as possible.

“I’m really hoping to just help more and more people as we go forward,” Shoftner said.

Check out other locations of Nothing But Hemp across Minnesota and in Tampa, Florida using the link below. [2]

And if you or someone would learn more about the Nothing But Hemp affiliate program, check out this link to hear what you stand to gain. [3]