Three types of CBD products offer variety to loyal fans and newcomers

Three types of CBD products offer variety to loyal fans and newcomers

The more people are pulled to cannabis products as the market for CBD oil expands, the more important it is for education about the different types of CBD.

A wide sweep of needs shared by those who use CBD is luckily serviced by the variety of hemp products available. Full-spectrum, broad-spectrum and CBD isolate structures are among the main types of hemp on the market, but knowing the difference can be tricky.

Here’s a primer on the three main types of CBD available.

A cannabis product’s structure depends on how manufacturers extract the terpenes and which strain of plant they start out with. [1]

Alcohol and CO2 extraction methods are both used in creating CBD products, with CO2 extraction resulting in higher-quality offerings as a general rule. [1]

The technical term for cannabinoid extraction is decarboxylation. [2]

Types of extraction result in different levels of CBD in the finished product, so CBD isolate products have the highest amount of pure CBD. Often, CBD in isolates is at a level of 99 percent or higher. [2]

There’s also full-spectrum CBD, which includes trace levels of THC — the active ingredient in marijuana — at around 0.3 percent or lower.

Mixing different types of cannabinoids tend to better activate the body’s endocannabinoid system, or ECS, which is a phenomenon called the entourage effect. [2]

THC has its downsides. While many say the full-spectrum CBD can more effectively help when used for anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia and plenty of other problems, full spectrum CBD use will cause people to test positive on drug tests that seek out THC compounds. [3]

Meanwhile, broad-spectrum CBD incorporates far more types of cannabinoids than solely cannabidiol (like the CBD isolate) but still removes THC. Broad-spectrum has different benefits than the others, but does seek to be the middle ground between the other types of CBD. [3]

With all these choices, it can seem hopeless that newcomers to the industry could find which products are best for them.

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