When it comes to CBD, support local, buy local

When it comes to CBD, support local, buy local

Everyone and their pet dog has joined the fleets of CBD consumers in the past year, and if you haven’t, now is a great time to check it out.

Still, there may be right ways and wrong ways to consume the cannabis product that both help your community and ensure the best quality ingredients and results. That’s why buying local is a priority for many cannabidiol fans.

In Minnesota, farmers have fought the elements and forged new life in the industrial hemp field while investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.

Some of these companies have remained more faithful to their roots than others, and a bit of loyalty to local brands is regardless appreciated in a cutthroat young industry.

For many who want to buy local and support local entrepreneurs, the hardest obstacle can be knowing where to start.

Luckily, Nothing But Hemp has made a name for itself with a principle place of business in Minnesota that invests and specializes in promoting local business-people while educating consumers about which CBD products are right for them.

At Nothing But Hemp locations in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Forest Lake, Maplewood and Cloquet, new and return customers alike can find award-winning and industry-leading brands along with educational information to introduce them to the sometimes confusing CBD market.

Minny Grown CBD, based in Cannon Falls, MN, features thousands of square feet of hemp cultivation space in an FDA-approved facility.

There, the homegrown Minnesota staff at Minny Grown craft their crops of industrial hemp into award-winning full-spectrum and isolate CBD tinctures and oils.

Minny Grown is revolutionary for its local-first approach to hemp growing in Minnesota in a market crowded with national contenders from places like California and Colorado more known for cannabis. CEO Zach Rohr said many have underestimated Minnesota’s capabilities.

The versatility of hemp means it can be harvested even after Minnesota’s relatively short growing season and sometimes hostile environmental factors.

Get past purchasing your CBD at the local gas station or grocery store by checking out Minny Grown and other fantastic brands at a Nothing But Hemp location near you!