Why Nothing But Hemp cares about terpenes (and you should, too)

Why Nothing But Hemp cares about terpenes (and you should, too)

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All CBD fans want to get the best out their tincture, vape, skincare or edible products.

Whether you want to use cannabis to relax, stay focused or to feed your dog, what companies put into CBD impacts what you get out of it.

That’s why Nothing But Hemp is interested in offering the best hemp and cannabis education, along with the industry-leading products customers can trust.

In selecting which brands pass muster to make it onto Nothing But Hemp shelves, third party lab testing is consulted to ensure quality and potency. A key aspect ingredient that gets tested are the terpenes within the CBD sample.

Terpenes are natural chemicals found within plants, including cannabis, that result in different mental and physiological reactions for the user. [1]

Terpenes come in a variety of different types, bringing with them flavor profiles and particular mental and body effects in a given CBD or hemp strain.

The properties of terpenes vary by how and from where they were extracted, but all terpenes share the fact that they are oil based and help with CBD’s entourage effect in the endocannabinoid system, or ECS.

Entourage effect is what allows the terpenes to work their magic. Some are used most by people who seek them for chronic pain, while others look for terpenes to ameliorate insomnia or lack of focus.

The terpenes within the hemp or CBD oil work best in full-spectrum products, binding with residual THC in the mixture to boost the effects within the body.

Another reason Nothing But Hemp loves terpenes is because they have the best results when they’re extracted organically, without additives. This means Nothing But Hemp customers are in luck.

With Nothing But Hemp’s line of product offerings from farm-to-table Siskiyou Sungrown CBD, hemp veterans and newcomers alike will be able to find just what all the buzz is about.

The Oregon-based, family-run Siskiyou Sungrown offers the most natural and effective full-spectrum CBD products with terpenes that make the finished product sing.

Siskiyou has CBD tincture oils, skin butters and body oils for any need you may face. The company’s relationship with Nothing But Hemp means you are guaranteed amazing service and extensive guidance on which products are right for your needs.

Nothing But Hemp has locations across the U.S. and offers award-winning and lab-tested quality brands like Siskiyou Sungrown products at each and every one, plus the online store for maximum convenience.

Licensees and locations in Nevada, Minnesota, Florida and elsewhere are popping up all the time, and Nothing But Hemp makes it easy for entrepreneurs to come on board for extensive product and industry training, plus resources to make sure every team member and location is a wellspring of CBD know-how.

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