Catch onto the CBD craze in time for college

Catch onto the CBD craze in time for college

The dog days are drawing to a close, the Minnesota State Fair is nigh and pretty soon a new crop of students will be filling dorm halls and quads for studies and more than a little fun.

Whether they want to ace classes in a new and challenging environment or maintain a proper eye on mental health, many students across the state should consider CBD products this semester. Thousands of ordinary adults in the U.S. find the non-psychoactive marijuana relative helpful for their focus, insomnia and anxiety.

Preliminary studies have borne out some of the science behind these testimonials based on the compounds interactions with the body’s endocannibinoid system, or ECS.

More research is needed to be conclusive, but CBD offers many of the relaxing benefits of marijuana without the mind-altering high.

Getting to sleep with a new, snoring roommate may be a bit easier after a few drops of CBD oil, and many people use it to ease headaches after a hangover, too.

For a large population of college students who haven’t been exposed to marijuana before and who might feel pressured in the new campus environment, CBD offers a solution to help relax and focus on academics and extra curricular commitments without feeling pressured.

There are plenty of other reasons for students to try out hemp and CBD products. Student athletes, for instance, may find CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties for pain relief during rest periods. Sports with high impact joint stresses, like basketball, are prime examples where CBD is advised.

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