Are CBD-dispensing robots on the horizon?

Are CBD-dispensing robots on the horizon?

If you’ve been paying attention in the last year, you’ve likely noticed the surge in availability of CBD, or cannabidiol, products around the world.

More and more farmers, manufacturers and retailers have learned about the benefits and opportunities of CBD after the U.S. legalized hemp plants in 2018, and Europe has slowly expanded its sale and research of the substance as well. Now, CBD is following even faster routes to the hands of customers with CBD vending machines popping up in America and Europe.

The most updated polling from Gallup shows that 14% of American adults use CBD products for a long list of issues, including chronic pain and anxiety. Check out the latest statistics at the Nothing But Hemp Blog below. [3]

Recent reporting from MSN showcased new machines to vend CBD and hemp products that have made a splash in Manhattan to help more people access the marijuana-relative that doesn’t get its users high. [1]

Even though New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio recently signed a ban on CBD in foods and drinks, the Big Apple is exactly where the new vending machines for CBD have turned up.

It makes sense, as New York City is the hub for countless cultural and commercial innovations, and adoption in Manhattan often precedes a trend sinking into the broader American consciousness.

In this case, the innovation in the CBD space is called the Marinabox, and the first has been introduced by Tribeca firm Come Back Daily. [1]

The New York company launched the first CBD vending machines, named after Marina Del Ray where the vending business started out, because of New York’s complex regulations around the compound.

Because NYC demands customers of CBD products to offer photo ID before purchasing, the vending machine is actually a complex robot which scans in users credentials and payments before turning out a cannabis product of choice. [1]

MSN reports that Marinabox CEO Zack Johnson said the users of his company’s robots would not have their information stored on the computer or shared with anyone who may have an interest in those who consumer cannabis, such as the federal government. [1]

The whole situation reminds readers and customers alike that even though federal law has been changed to accommodate the necessary, peaceful and healthy use of CBD and other cannabis products, some jurisdictions look down on and punish the practice.

Meanwhile, some reporting from Europe seems to indicate that similar trends of CBD vending are occurring in Europe, though their laws and regulations vary by country and it is less likely that the machines are robots. [2]

If the robot overlords bring us CBD, sign us up!