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New polls show CBD use has reached 1 in 7 American adults

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

people over 18 in America use cannabis-based CBD

Recent polling from Gallup reveals that even more adults in the U.S. are trying out CBD products than many may have previously guessed.

The Gallup poll released Wednesday showed that 14% of people over 18 in America use cannabis-based CBD oil and related products. The results show that hemp and CBD have made huge strides in winning people over, but also that there are fertile areas to spread information about the benefits of cannabis.

The largest age group to use CBD products are those between the ages of 18 and 29, 20% of whom use CBD. People grow less familiar with hemp and CBD products if they are older, the results show. [1]

Usage among older people, those over the age of 65, is the lowest at just 8%, Gallup said. [1]

The region of the U.S. with the highest use of CBD were the western states, with 21% usage, while the midwest and eastern states were the lowest at 11%. Southern state residents have a 13% CBD usage. [1]

There are also promising aspects of the Gallup poll. CBD advocates have rich opportunities to proselytize newcomers who haven’t even heard the benefits of the cannabis compound that doesn’t give users the mind-altering high of other cannabis derivatives like marijuana.

A staggering 35% of Americans have never heard of CBD, which so many in the U.S. use for chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy and a list of other issues to avoid falling into dependence on potentially harmful and often expensive prescription drugs.

Awareness of CBD and its benefits is the lowest in those over 65, where 49% of people have never heard about the compound and its benefits. [1]

This is especially unfortunate when one realizes the vast pool of benefits CBD offers to seniors in particular. CBD has been used by many for body aches, rheumatoid arthritis and a number of other issues faced by older people.

Still, it is notable that the CBD use rate outpaced marijuana in the Gallup 2019 poll, where in their confidential questionnaire only 12% of adults in the U.S. reported using marijuana. [4]

According to Gallup, “CBD users in the U.S. cite relief from pain (40%), anxiety (20%), insomnia (11%) and arthritis (8%) as the top reasons for use.” [1]

The report went on to say that women who use CBD are more likely to cite anxiety as their motivation to try the substance, while men are more likely to seek CBD for insomnia. [1]


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