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CBD Oil Madison

Located between Lake Mendota and Lake Monona, Madison serves as the capital of Wisconsin. The city’s small-town charm doesn’t hold it back. The big-city amenities are just as accessible. It also is known for its quirky attributes such as the city’s official bird, the plastic flamingo. 


About Madison 


Before European settlers came to Madison, people lived in the year for about 12,000 years. Native Americans called the area Taychopera, meaning “land of four lakes” around 1800. The history of the people who lived in the area thousands of years ago is still preserved today. 


Over 1,000 years before settlers, the Effigy Mounds were constructed for ceremonial and burial purposes. The mounds are considered sacred by many Americans and are still preserved today in Madison. The 200 plus American Indian mounds are located in a beautiful area of the Upper Mississippi River Valley. 


The history of Madison’s European settlement began in 1829 after former Judge Jame Duane Doty bought over a thousand acres of forest and swampland. The capital of Wisconsin is Madison because Doty advocated for the town by offering buffalo robes to freezing legislators and promised choice lots of land at discount prices to voters. He also named the city Madison for James Madison, the fourth President of the U.S. 


The city grew from there and politics became prominent within the city’s culture. During the Civil War, Madison was a center of the Union Army in Wisconsin. Residents are not shy about their views in Madison. The town has had various protests over the decades. 


Today, there is much to do in Madison. As of 2019, over 200,000 people live in Madison, Wisconsin. The town offers plenty of outdoor activities, museums, and an array of restaurants. CBD Oil Madison Wisconsin is just as easy to find from Nothing But Hemp. 


About CBD Oil Madison 


Nothing But Hemp has third-party tested CBD available online and in-store. All online orders qualify for free shipping, which means you don’t have to worry about leaving your home to get your CBD products. 


What is CBD oil? 


CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of many components of the hemp plant. It is derived directly from the hemp plant, which means there are no psychoactive effects. It is a naturally occurring substance that is used in a variety of Nothing But Hemp products. 


There are many reasons why Madison residents use CBD or are looking into CBD. It has been used to help with pain, stress, anxiety, and relaxation. The uses vary from person to person as do the effects. 


Some people may not see any relief at all. This is because of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) found in everyone’s body. The ECS is a cell-signaling system found throughout the body. 


Within the ECS, there are receptors. CBD binds to those receptors, but because it binds to everyone differently, everyone’s experience with CBD is different as well. 


Nothing But Hemp offers high-quality and award-winning CBD oil in various potencies and flavors. Check out their third-party tested mint, cinnamon, or lemon oil flavors. The Irie focus, comfort, and sleep oils are great for those looking for something with more strength. 


CBD oil is also available in vape cartridges and gummy form. Vape cartridges may provide quicker relief while gummies offer a fruity flavor, they can take longer for users to feel any effects. 


View Nothing But Hemp’s online store. All purchases are available for free shipping to Madison residents. 

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