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If you are looking for CBD oil in Minnesota, Nothing But Hemp has the best selection for you. We have 7 stores all throughout the Twin Cities. If you are not near our stores, we take phone orders and have our top sellers sold online. 


Nothing But Hemp carries Minnesota grown CBD oil called Nothing But Hemp, Plant Diva, and Minnesota Nice. . . The hemp is organically grown in Minnesota. Nothing But Hemp, Plant Diva, Minnesota Nice only produce full-spectrum CBD oil and broad-spectrum oil. Full-spectrum CBD oil in Minnesota is the way to go. The CBD oil we carry is flavorful and contains other cannabinoids besides just CBD. Nothing But Hemp Full spectrum CBD oil contains CBDA, CBD, CBG and CBV. A true full spectrum contains more than just "CBD". Minnesota-grown CBD oil is high in Myrcene and other terpenes. Nothing But Hemp sold over 1000 Nothing But Hemp tincture, 400 Minnesota Nice and 400 Nothing But Hemp CBD oil tinctures per month because the products work and true Minnesotans think the products Nothing But Hemp carries is the best thing since sliced bread.


Minnesota Nice Hemp Co CBD OIL TINCTURE

Nothing But Hemp team lives right in South Minneapolis, Forest Lake, Saint Paul and other areas in the state of Minnesota. Most of us love the Vikings and of course Prince.

We all love Minnesota so much, we choose to work with another Minnesota product brand called Plant Diva. Plant Diva is a cannabinoid specific brand. The hemp plant contains over 150 cannabinoids and each cannabinoids has its own special powers. Plant Diva has an option of 700 MG CBG tincture, Broad Spectrum CBD tincture, CBDA full spectrum tincture and many other topical options. 


People say they use CBD oil for: 

  • Pain 

  • Anxiety 

  • Relaxation 

  • Migraines 

Whereas people use CBG for: 

  • Extreme pain 

  • Certain Cancers 

  • Fungal infections 

  • ADHD

Did you know Minnesota is one of the best places to get your hemp cbd oil products? Do you know why? Our rich soil!


Minnesota was one of the number one producing hemp states in the 1940s. In the 1940s, Minnesota produce hemp rope, hemp clothing and other textiles. The United States military purchased most of the textiles and the combat soldiers used the materials in War World II.  The hemp textiles was made out of the fibers of the hemp plant, the same plant that produces your CBD oil.


In a movie from 1942, titled Hemp for Victory explains how vital this plant was the success of War II. After War War II, hemp became illegal and in 2014 congress passed the 2014 pilot program. Minnesota happens to be part of the pilot program and hemp production became legal. In 2019, CBD oil became legal in Minnesota provided the THC content is less than 0.3%. Once this happened, the CBD market exploded with new products, confusing regulations and hemp farmers with "hot fields" . 

What are hot fields? 

Hot is the term hemp farmers use when the plant exceeds .3% THC. Some Minnesota hemp farmers were forced to destroy all of the hemp CBD plants, costing some of them to lose everything. The lack of education behind cultivating hemp properly and sourcing the right seeds was a costly mistake for some Minnesota hemp farmers. Farmers like the Minny Grown group who spent months researching on how to properly grow hemp in Minnesota, really prospered.  

Nothing But Hemp sources form award-winning manufacture that uses USDA certified hemp.  The CBD tincture won an award because of their extra care with each plant. The Nothing But Hemp farmers, Minnesota Nice Farmers, and Minny Grown group touched each plant, sang to it, and provided organic nutrients.   These Minnesota hemp plants were so happy, they grew up to be processed for your CBD oil.  The extraction process that Nothing But Hemp, Minnesota Nice, and Minny Grown uses is the ethanol extraction process. In this extraction process, it keeps all of the phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes in the plant. 

Want to learn more about Nothing But Hemp products? Click the button below. 

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