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For too many people, hemp products seem like all hype and no substance.


Not only do they struggle to find cannabidiol (or CBD) oil and other products from reputable dealers, they also find it difficult to drum up enough of a dose to have the effects they were seeking in the first place.


With Nothing But Hemp’s new 10,000 mg CBD oil tincture, hemp fans may have just the solution they are looking for in a Midwestern product they can be proud to own and support.


You read that correctly: Nothing But Hemp is rolling out the most powerful CBD product on the market.


Full-spectrum CBD and entourage effects


Cannabichromene and cannabigerol, also known as CBC and CBG, are also found within the new Nothing But Hemp 10,000 mg offering. Since this product emphasizes the benefits of the full cannabis spectrum, this diversity is important.


According to Forbes, CBG acts as a sort of “stem cell” for other cannabinoids in hemp or marijuana, and as the plants grow to maturity a large collection of CBG is slowly converted to other components like CBD or THC via natural processes. [1]


Leafly reports that recent McMaster University research showed drug-resistant staph bacteria frequently found in hospitals may have trouble surviving exposure to CBG treatments. 


This process works because CBG stops harmful bacteria from forming the layer of “biofilm” armor and in some cases also actively works against this layer of material. [2]


In a full-spectrum hemp oil product, different cannabinoids like CBD, CBC and CBG work together with the terpenes in the cannabis plant to better permeate the brain-body barrier in what some scientists call the “entourage effect.”


Since the entourage effect is the result of complex chemicals interactions that researchers and other scientists are still parsing, CBD isolate products are sometimes considered less effective because the don’t have the right variety of components.


Isolates are still desirable for some customers, like those who can’t have full-spectrum products that might contain THC in case they need to pass employment-based drug testing, but for the most part those looking for the most effective outcomes stick with full-spectrum oils when they can help it.


In fact, trying only isolates is one reason some CBD oil fans report a lack of results and become disillusioned by the entire prospect of CBD, hemp oil and holistic wellness altogether.


This couldn’t be a more unfortunate attitude, but sadly many are led to it from repeat frustrations with puny and ineffectual hemp and CBD products.


Even full-spectrum products can underperform at times if their potency isn’t high enough, but that will soon be a thing of the past.


High-powdered cannabis extracts


Unlike many CBD products on the market that max out at 100, 150 or 250 mg of CBD per unit, the new Nothing But Hemp product will contain over 10,000 mg.


That’s an extremely high concentration relative to the alternatives, and also represents a huge opportunity for cost reduction over time. 


And it gets better than that: New lab tests of the most potent CBD product on the market show that the Nothing But Hemp mega-tincture actually includes over 12,000 mg of cannabinoids, including 11,000 of CBD alone.


In each 1 mL serving, customers can expect nearly 380 mg of CBD variants, 20 mg of CBG and almost 4 mg of CBC. There are 30 of these servings per 1 ounce unit purchased, and each serving also contains 4 mg of terpenes unique to the the Nothing But Hemp blend.


Each of the Nothing But Hemp tinctures is created in the Midwest using natural and organic hemp material to create one of the highest quality products available.


You’ll love the effectiveness and potency of the Nothing But Hemp 10,000 mg tincture!


High potency CBD oil unites a variety of users


You or someone you know may already use CBD products for common ailments.


These range widely, from chronic pain and anxiety to insomnia and types of arthritis.


People love to use CBD to calm down, and they especially appreciate the fact that it brings many of the benefits typically associated with marijuana without the intoxication. This is due to the extremely low THC content in most CBD products.


Full-spectrum CBD still contains trace THC, but by-and-large creates a body-high feeling that does not intoxicate in the way THC does.


CBD has also been shown in several clinical trials to reduce inflammation, which is why people seem to like it for pain and migraines, though its specific uses as a treatment for these has not been proven.


Still, people have come to rely on CBD, and many of them have a simple complaint when it comes to some of their symptoms: They persist too long or remain too noticeable while using CBD.


For this reason, the 10,000 mg CBD tincture from Nothing But Hemp is a fantastic choice. 


It is generally a good idea to start off at lower doses and ramp up until you see the desired effects, so this new offering will likely not be for beginners.


If a lower concentration hemp oil helps, feel free to stick with whatever works for you and your needs. Just know that if you need to bring out the big guns, Nothing But Hemp has created the most potent CBD tincture available.


As with any wellness product, consult your doctor to find out if the benefits of CBD and hemp are right for your situation and your personal health. Do what independent research you can and select the brands you know and trust.


The reason Nothing But Hemp should be among these trusted sources is its organic sourcing, local cultivation and production and focus on hemp and CBD education.


No matter how potent, CBD isn’t medicine — yet


Even though so many have claimed CBD and hemp products have drastically improved their lives for the better, the study of cannabis is still just getting off the ground.


Medical marijuana has drawn much scientific attention even in years before some states legalized medicinal and recreational cannabis, but even that is older than much of the analysis on CBD and other non-intoxicating varieties of the hemp plant.


Still, some science is known. The Food and Drug Administration has even approved one CBD-based prescription drug, Epidiolex, as a treatment for a rare form of childhood epilepsy.


There is also a tentative list of possible downsides from CBD use, although these follow the same pattern of uncertainty as its benefits.


“Though it's often well-tolerated, CBD can cause side effects, such as dry mouth, diarrhea, reduced appetite, drowsiness and fatigue,” according to the Mayo Clinic. “CBD can also interact with other medications you're taking, such as blood thinners.” [3]


Despite the limited amount of clinical trials and other research, plenty of testimonials attest to the wondrous benefits of CBD and other hemp products for a host of issues and uses.


It’s also no wonder many have turned to natural, organic remedies like hemp when the pharmaceutical industry alternative poses intimidating costs and sometimes horrifying side effects.






















10,000 CBD OIL MG full-spectrum hemp oil offering

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