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Cannabis-infused drinks are gaining popularity as a pick-me-up beverage that provides a safe and practical alternative to alcohol. Their major cannabinoid ingredient is tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC — the most famous compound found in the cannabis plant and the chemical most closely associated with the "high" of cannabis. Also known as THC drinks or THC-infused drinks, these beverages are a great way to enjoy relaxation and stress relief without a hangover.

What Are THC Drinks?

People have been trying to infuse cannabis into beverages for many years, so THC drinks aren't exactly a new idea. The basic obstacle to creating appetizing and economical cannabis-infused drinks has always been that THC isn't water-soluble.

Today, however, new technologies are helping THC beverages become a scalable, economical, and attractive option for people seeking an alternative to vaping or drinking alcohol. These drinks offer some of the relaxing benefits of THC in microdoses without getting the consumer excessively high, making them a healthy and socially responsible way to unwind.

Are THC Drinks Legal?

Yes, they're legal as long as they meet certain requirements. Legal THC drinks are possible because the 2018 Farm Bill made a key distinction between hemp and cannabis. As a result of that distinction, industrial hemp was defined as the product of hemp plants containing less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. It then became possible to make legal THC and cannabinoid products using industrial hemp.

Products with more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC are still classified federally as marijuana. Several states have legalized recreational marijuana use for adults and medical marijuana for certain approved conditions, but at the federal level, it's still illegal. Also, just over a dozen states ban or restrict the sale of Delta 8 or Delta 9 THC products even within the 0.3% limit, so some cannabis drinks don't ship to certain states.

What Are the Effects of THC Drinks?

Cannabis drinks are a fast-acting way to experience the euphoric and relaxing effects of THC. Depending on factors including age, metabolism, and body type, they typically take effect in 30-40 minutes but may take up to 60 minutes. It's generally recommended not to try drinking more in an attempt to accelerate the effect.

The THC experience is different for everyone, and for some people, it can include side effects. Anxiety, paranoia, and disorientation have been reported by people who consumed too much THC at once. Taking a break, playing some restful music, or eating a snack are good ways to ride out these negative effects, which are generally brief.

How to Find the Right THC Drinks for You

THC-infused beverages come in a variety of forms to suit personal tastes. These can include:

  • Infused waters and THC lemonade
  • Refreshing THC sodas
  • THC seltzers and tonics
  • THC cocktails
  • THC lemonade
  • THC wine
  • Concentrated THC syrups or liquid shot supplements

These vary by purity, potency, ingredient choices, flavor options, CBD content, and the types of THC they contain. These factors and more influence your decision about the right cannabis beverages for you. Some things to think about when choosing include:

  1. Purity and potency: Lab-tested products can certify they contain the promised amount of THC and are free from harmful pesticides or heavy metals.
  2. Customer reviews: Well-reviewed products can provide insight into the overall experience provided by a THC drink.
  3. Ingredients: Some beverages make a point of using vegan and gluten-free ingredients for greater user accessibility, or they make a point of using locally-grown hemp.
  4. Potency: Drinks can vary widely in potency, and it's generally a good idea to go less potent if you're sensitive to (or less experienced with) THC. Concentrated syrups can be added to any other drinks if you'd like to manage potency on the fly.
  5. Flavor: Seeking out delicious flavors is another way to get pleasure out of a THC-infused drink.
  6. CBD content: CBD is another cannabinoid that can ameliorate some of the effects of THC.
  7. Type of THC: Delta 9 is the best-known form of THC, capable of providing an intense buzz in high dosages. Delta 8 is a milder, less potent, and more calming variant of THC.

Above all, it's best to get THC drinks from a proven and professional provider. Dealing with Nothing But Hemp, for example, gives you access to our trained and knowledgeable staff, who can provide accurate guidance in finding the best product for you.

Are THC Drinks Safe?

As long as users stay within recommended doses, THC drinks are generally safe. Consult a doctor before using them, and it's best to avoid driving, operating heavy machinery, or engaging in other risky behaviors after indulging.

Will Drinking THC-Infused Beverages Make Me High?

Yes, the euphoria provided by a cannabis-infused THC beverage is a high. The high that a single THC drink provides, because it's a micro-dose, is considerably less intense than the high associated with smoking marijuana.

Why Buy Delta 9 THC Drinks From Nothing But Hemp

Nothing But Hemp is an award-winning provider of cannabis and hemp-derived products. We offer a selection of the best brands and highest-quality THC drinks on the market, and our trained staff can always help you find the right product for your needs.

We now ship THC drinks and provide free same day delivery for our 12 Pack beverages. 6 Packs and 4 packs are subjected to a $10 delivery fee if your order is under $60.

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