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THC Hard Candies

THC hard candies aren’t your Grandma’s hard candies, but maybe they should be. Great for those seeking a discreet, delicious way to consume legal cannabis, THC hard candies deliver precise dosing for no-surprises experiences and provide a longer-lasting high than many other modes of consumption for gradual yet sustained indulgence. And don’t even get us started on the delicious varieties of THC hard candies offered by Nothing But Hemp. Let’s look at THC hard candies and what makes ours so special.

What Are THC Hard Candies?

THC hard candies are edible sweets infused with a controlled dose of psychoactive compounds found in the cannabis plant. Typically made with sugar, flavorings, and THC extract or cannabis oils, THC hard candies come in numerous shapes, sizes, and flavors, just like standard hard candies, but with much more of an oomph. These legal THC hard candies come in handy when you want to enjoy a relaxing high but can’t smoke or vape, and their specific doses help you better manage and tailor your intake to match your preferences and situation.

How Do You Use THC Hard Candies?

You use THC hard candies just like you use hard candies — you eat them! Some advantages of THC hard candies over smoking and vaping include longer-lasting effects due to absorption by the digestive system and metabolization via the liver. These two factors usually mean the effects hit you slower, so you need to start out with a low dose and then wait to see how the dose makes you feel when it kicks in before taking more. This slow experimentation with THC hard candies helps you better avoid overconsuming the treats and prevent potentially adverse reactions.

Is THC Candy Legal?

As long as the THC hard candies you purchase at Nothing But Hemp meet certain requirements, they're perfectly legal in Minnesota. The 2018 Farm Bill put key distinctions between hemp and cannabis into place that make these treats legal to use thanks to the way they defined industrial hemp containing less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. Keep in mind that these products are typically not legal federally, even when they're legal within your state, so they may not ship across state lines.

Why Choose THC Hard Candies from Nothing But Hemp?

Though you can get THC hard candies at many places throughout the Twin Cities area, Nothing But Hemp has them beat with award-winning cannabis and hemp-derived products. We offer same-day delivery within 45 miles of St. Paul, helping you get the treats you want and need quickly and conveniently without leaving your home. Along with THC hard candies, we also sell other infused edibles along with powerful tinctures, THC beverages, flower and topicals, giving you diverse ways to consume our hemp-derived products. For added convenience, we also sell CBD products for pets to keep every member of your family feeling great every day.

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