Just south of Saint Paul, Eagan lies on the south bank of the Minnesota River. It is one of many cities located within the metropolitan area. Their urban/suburban feeling drawings in residents and commuters of all ages. 

About Eagan

Eagan was established in 1860 with a population of 567. The city was named after Patrick Eagan, the first Town Board Supervisor. Before the Township, the city was home to a Native American Village. 

The area was known for its fertile agricultural area. Farming was the main occupation for most early inhabitants. Onions were popular among farmers. Between 1840 and 1930, a large enough amount of onions were grown and shipped from Eagan. This city became known as the Onion Capital of the United States. 

The city’s largest growth happened after Highway 77 was relocated and expanded. Today, Eagan is home to more than 64,000 residents and is known as a commuter town. 

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Delta 8 Eagan

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Finding Delta-8 THC in Eagan, Minnesota

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