The beauty of Duluth, Minnesota attracts city residents and visitors to its lake shorelines, available hiking, and its small but energetic art scene. Located in the northeastern part of Minnesota along Lake Superior, Duluth is a port city and is known for its outside sites. 

About Duluth

Early inhabitants of the area were Ojibwe, sometimes referred to as the Chippewa. The Ojibwe have inhabited the Lake Superior region for more than 500 years. As established traders, the Ojibwe occupied all of Lake Superior’s shores. 

 European Americans began settling in the area. By 1869, Duluth was a fast-growing city. When a railroad extension from Saint Paul to Duluth opened, iron ore mining began in the areas north and west of Lake Superior. After a slight dip in the economy, lumber and mining became prominent allowing Duluth to bloom again. 

By the 20th Century, Duluth was the busiest port in the United States. Workers carried iron ore through the Great Lakes and as of 1905, Duluth was said to be the home of the most millionaires per capita in the United States. Industries within the city continued and in 1915, a steel plant opened in the city. 

The Aerial Lift Bridge serves as one photographic Duluth, Minnesota icon. The bridge was built in 1905 and was the only one constructed at that time. By the 21st Century, the city’s industrial core gradually shifted to tourism. 

Today, Duluth’s scenery, restaurants, music, and culture attract over three million visitors annually. 

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