If you are interested in becoming a supplier for Nothing But Hemp we have very strict criteria. Please read before you contact us. 

  • Suppliers must be a domestic company unless your company sells textiles. 

  • Suppliers must not be a broker

  • Suppliers must get your products lab tested by a 3rd party lab that is ISO certified or DEA certified. 

  • Suppliers must provide full panel testing from the ACS lab in Sun City Florida. The products must pass our compliance protocols. 

  • Suppliers must batch-test products 

  • Supplier must full panel test each batch. 

  • If not White Label, the branding must fit our criteria. 

  • Suppliers must sign an exclusivity agreement for wholesale and distribution.  

  • Suppliers must provide batch information on each order.

  • Suppliers must keep proper documentation and provide GMP. (You don’t have to be GMP certified) 

  • Suppliers must be able to provide paperwork proof of GMP. 

  • All cannabinoid products must be made in a food-safe facility.

  • Employees need to wear PPP protection while creating products. 

  • Suppliers must fit our pricing guidelines and MOQ guidelines. 

  • Suppliers must be the direct manufacturer. 

  • Flower suppliers must be the farmer

Products we are interested in: 

  • White Label Delta 9 THC Baked Goods (Cookies, Brownies, Chips, etc) 

  • Delta 9 THC N/A Beer 

  • THCA Flower 

  • Hemp Clothing 

  • Hemp Candles 

  • Hemp Toys 

  • Hemp Paper 

  • Hemp Protein 

  • Hemp adult products  

Please do not email us or call us if you are selling anything besides what is on the list above. 

Product You Manufacture
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