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Full-spectrum CBD — Where can you find the most powerful choice?

If you’ve been active as a CBD fan for any amount of time, you’re likely aware of the difference between full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate products.

Moreover, you probably have a strong preference. For some people, using CBD isolates could be a way of avoiding negative consequences from a drug test, while others value the strength and potency of full-spectrum offerings.

There is an important distinction that you may want to keep in mind as you decide whether to pursue isolates or full-spectrum options.

This is the entourage effect, the name scientists have given to the unique series of events that follow from the body’s reception of full-spectrum CBD products.

Experts claim that the many receptors within the brain which interact with hemp products are best triggered by the hemp compounds when they are assembled as a unified whole.

This means that many people see the best benefits when they use full-spectrum CBD, but that doesn’t mean full-spectrum is the best option for every customer.

Those that hope to use CBD while also passing employment-based cannabis tests or other drug tests that evaluate THC levels are best served by CBD isolates, which tend to render users a THC level below 0.3 %.

Still, those with access to higher-power full-spectrum products thanks to lax job requirements or their jurisdiction’s policies towards hemp and cannabis seem to get the best effects, so who among them is in the best position?

That comes down to which products are the most powerful.

Unlike many CBD products on the market that max out at 100, 150 or 250 mg of CBD per unit, the new Nothing But Hemp product will contain over 10,000 mg.

That’s an extremely high concentration relative to the alternatives, and also represents a huge opportunity for cost reduction over time.

And it gets better than that: New lab tests of the most potent CBD product on the market show that the Nothing But Hemp mega-tincture actually includes over 12,000 mg of cannabinoids, including 11,000 of CBD alone.

In each 1 mL serving, customers can expect nearly 380 mg of CBD variants, 20 mg of CBG and almost 4 mg of CBC. There are 30 of these servings per 1 ounce unit purchased, and each serving also contains 4 mg of terpenes unique to the the Nothing But Hemp blend.

Each of the Nothing But Hemp tinctures is created in the Midwest using natural and organic hemp material to create one of the highest quality products available.

You’ll love the effectiveness and potency of the Nothing But Hemp 10,000 mg tincture!


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