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New head of training and coordination brings personal experience with 17 years of teaching.

With a growing number of licensees and locations across the U.S., Nothing But Hemp needs strong leaders to bring education and clarity to interested entrepreneurs and customers.

Nothing But Hemp recently brought on Marlo Corletto as the head of training and licensee coordination, where she will teach managers and employees about retail sales, CBD science and the latest products.

Under Nothing But Hemp’s licensing program, owners can rely on the expertise of Nothing But Hemp’s skilled retail professionals who have faced the trials of CBD business and can bring information to interested newcomers. [1]

Marlo started her career in as a teacher, focusing on developing curriculum and teaching children where she met her eventual husband, Steven Brown.

Brown, CEO of Nothing But Hemp, at that time hadn’t started the company but told Marlo about the benefits of CBD in Nevada, where the two often spent time together while Steven consulted in the cannabis industry.

Steven said the non-psychoactive CBD sold at dispensaries in Nevada may ease her migraines, which were debilitating in some cases and caused problems in Marlo’s work life.

“I was very clear that I didn’t want to try anything unless it was legal,” she said.

Eventually, she was convinced. Her migraines fell from four times a month to just once a month. Then they went away all together.

This is the first year Marlo is teaching part time to accommodate her role at Nothing But Hemp directing new licensees and corporate branch managers the ins and outs of hemp science, state and federal laws, and a host of other operating considerations.

Licensees who are unfamiliar with CBD products, or CBD enthusiasts anxious about the complexities of starting a business, can feel at ease in the care of the Nothing But Hemp team, including Marlo.

“We’ve learned so much since we started Nothing But Hemp,” Marlo said. “From CBD science to employment, banking and legal issues, it’s better for people to learn from our mistakes and lessons than to start off on their own.”

In late 2018, only one kiosk location of Nothing But Hemp was open in Maplewood, Minnesota, along with the first location in Nevada. Now, Nothing But Hemp runs 11 stores, including six licensees in Nevada and Minnesota.

“It’s very rewarding hearing people come in and tell me how CBD has helped ease their pain or better their lives,” Marlo said. “I feel the same sense of reward I get from teaching.”

She said she’s excited to get CBD into the hands of more Americans, who use it for things like chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia and forms of epilepsy.

She said one of her favorite parts of CBD is that it doesn’t come with scary side effects like those seen across the ubiquitous pharmaceuticals industry, like sudden death or permanent injury.

With all natural crops and processes, Marlo feels comfortable teaching people the benefits of hemp.



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