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Nothing But Hemp Announces Vice President of Retail Operations & New Equity Share Owner

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Vice President of Retail Operations

We are extremely happy to announce that our Vice President of Retail Operations, will be Eva Droz. Droz has worked in retail for over 15 years, specializing in the nutritional supplement industry for General Nutrition Centers.

Steven Brown, the CEO of Nothing But Hemp, recruited Droz for GNC, at Brandon Town Center Mall, when she was just 18 years old, and when he was manager & trainer for the company.

Eva was so amazing at her job, she quickly moved to operating her own store within two years. During Eva’s time working for GNC, she was so good at running a profitable store, that she became the go-to specialist, who went into failing stores and turned them around. On average, she would increase sales by 650% at the failing locations.

Because of her success, she has won many high achievement awards from GNC, as she has run some of the most successful GNC franchise locations in the country. Not only is she a superhero when it comes into turning around retail stores, she also lives the healthy lifestyle, and has competed in fitness shows like the NPC, while at the same time being a mother of 4 children. Dieting and having a full household, takes discipline and action!

Droz is not only an incredible mother, she is also a superb retail executive that understands profitability, inventory control, pricing strategies, grass root marketing, and retail operations.

She has an entrepreneurial spirit, and understood the talents she possessed within the nutritional space. Further, she spearheaded a nutritional supplement brand called Taylor ED Formulations. Her supplement, Taylor Ed Formulations, helps people increase sexual health and anti aging. You can find her supplements in GNC franchises and Hy-vee grocery stores throughout the Midwest.

Her knowledge, wit, entrepreneurial spirit, retail background and training in nutrition, will surely give Nothing But Hemp the edge we need to grow as a leading brand.

We are so happy to welcome Eva as part of the team.

Find out more at www.nothingbuthemp.net

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