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Tribe Tokes CEO on vaping safety, product quality and women in canna-business

Vaping is a hot-button issue in the news and on the shelves of CBD retailers as news reports of illnesses have spread far and wide.

Only reputable dealers of CBD and other vape products can be trusted, and keen discretion for brands and ingredients are extremely important. That’s why Nothing But Hemp puts such an emphasis on award-winning, all-natural products.

Nothing But Hemp recently chatted with Degelis Tufts, CEO and founder of Tribe Tokes CBD. Her woman-owned vaping company has had first-hand experience with the difficulties of recent news while producing stellar products for cannabis enthusiasts.

Check out the conversation below, and remember you can find Tribe Tokes products at Nothing But Hemp locations across America and online!

What made you interested in starting Tribe Tokes? 

We are passionate about the decriminalization of cannabis products and the power of cannabinoids and plant-based wellness! This coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit among all of our team members led to the formation of the brand in 2016. 

How did you first gain an interest in CBD?

When we first decided to dive into the cannabis space, my fiancé and I spent a year back and forth to California to learn more about the industry and the plant, spending time on farms, networking and learning about the business.

California is typically ahead of the trends in this space and while there we learned about all of the potential applications of CBD. As native New Yorkers, this was really exciting for us to find a use case for the plant that was legal in our home state, and a few years later nationwide, so we could pursue growth and product development without legal issues. 

What have been some of the biggest challenges and successes so far?

One of the biggest challenges is finding sustainable growth channels, as CBD is blocked from paid advertising on many of the most important platforms. We have therefore grown through trade shows, community building and working with amazing retail partners like Nothing But Hemp! 

How has your experience been so far as a female cannabis business owner? 

It has been wonderful engaging with the female cannabis community in New York, primarily through events like Women Grow and On The Revel. We also recruit and partner with women we meet in these communities.

We’ve had some amazing women reach out who want to get involved in the cannabis space but don’t want male dominated, corporate environments.

What do consumers need to know about recent news stories and hysterical attitudes towards vaping?

Know what’s in your products! It’s not vaping that’s hurting people, it’s bad ingredients that are hurting people.

What makes vaping dangerous, and how can customers vape safely?

Only buy from trusted brands and retailers who lab test their products and don’t use chemicals (like propylene glycol) or fatty lipids (that may sticks to the inside of your lungs) as carrier oils. 

Why are Tribe Tokes' vape products different from synthetic, black market and bootleg products that have made people sick in recent reports?

TribeTokes does not use PG, PEG, VG, MCT oil or Vitamin E Acetate in any of its vaping products. We have a strict rule at our company: only sell products you would give to your own mother! 

What kinds of products can users expect from your brand?

High quality, plant-based, and modern with a beautiful aesthetic. Before we launch products, we use them ourselves for months to make sure the user experience is amazing and it’s something we’d want to use ourselves all the time. 

What comes next for Tribe Tokes?

Skincare! We are developing a line of plant-based skincare and topical wellness products that incorporate CBD where it makes sense. We believe CLEAN is the future of BEAUTY. 

We are also doing R&D in the women’s sexual wellness space. Stay tuned! 

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