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Top Hemp Clothing Trends for Men and Women

Hemp is not only a comfortable fabric but also, it is trendy as a stylish clothing option. Where sustainable style is concerned, hemp has the "it" factor because of its versatility and affordability. And since the fabric has caught on in the fashion world, trends have gone next level when it comes to hemp. 

Here is a run-down on why hemp is the fabric of the moment and some top hemp clothing trends for men and women. 

Why Choose Hemp Clothing?

When checking out hemp clothing trends for men and women, start with learning more about why hemp is an ideal fabric choice. 

Whether you are a choosy consumer concerned about the origin of your clothing or simply looking for something that feels good on your skin, hemp is the ideal choice for any standard because of its versatility. 

Hemp Handles Well

Hemp is a super durable fabric that functions well, even over time. In fact, hemp generally performs as well as cotton, if not better. Hemp handles frequent wear extremely well - in fact, it gets softer each time you wash an article of clothing. 

Hemp clothing is generally fade-resistant. This means that your favorite super soft, super supple hemp tee will keep its shape and color over time, which is a benefit to this fabric choice. 

It is a protective fabric, which means that your skin won't sustain exposure to the sun and U/V light the way that other fabrics allow. This is one of the reasons that people who work outside for long periods prefer hemp over other fabrics for work clothes. You are naturally protected without adding any more chemicals to your skin, while also guarding against overexposure to the sun. 

Sustainable Style

You may have heard a lot about the fact that hemp is a sustainable fashion fabric, but you might not know exactly what that means. Here's the deal: hemp not only uses way less water than carbon, GIven the degree to which water access continues to dwindle around the planet, this is a pertinent factor for many consumers. 

To provide perspective, cotton uses up to 50% more water with each agricultural season. It also uses way more water in the production cycle than hemp. Therefore, while cotton may seem like a more accessible fabric blend, it is certainly far less sustainable than hemp. 

For consumers concerned about promoting sustainable agricultural practices, purchasing hemp clothing is the best way to be supportive of a natural and sustainable lifestyle in general.

Land space is another factor to consider when opting for hemp clothing. Cotton requires twice as much physical space to grow per each ton of fabric, with hemp producing 1500 pounds of fabric for each acre compared to cotton's 500 pounds per acre. 

​Hemp does not consume as much in natural resources as cotton, which completely depletes the topsoil layer wherever it grows. This means that farmers can extend their agricultural resources further than they can growing cotton. 

With growing land scarcity around the planet, promoting more sustainable system instead of sticking with the status quo provides more options for environmental mindfulness. 

Hemp is also a natural pesticide, so you also enjoy peace of mind in knowing that the fabric was not treated with another harmful grouping of chemicals. This also means that hemp is organic, so if going organic is important to you, then wearing hemp clothing should be as well. 

Women's Hemp Clothing Trends

When it comes to women's fashion, the old adage generally goes fashion over function. Thankfully, this choice is no longer an issue - at least where hemp clothing is concerned. This breathable and very comfortable fabric does both. Here are some top women's clothing trends happening in hemp. 

Back to the Basics With Hemp Staples

Simplicity is one of the things that hemp does best and comfort is certainly on-brand at the moment. Basic t-shirts are in for women's fashion right now because you can dress them up or down. You can add a multitude of colors and even vary up the t-shirt style a bit. 

For instance, short-sleeved tees can easily be mixed and matched with just about any look. If you want to do Sunday brunch, a basic black hemp tee with some aviators, skinny jeans and a cropped denim jacket is a good go-to. If you want to lounge around, that same tee works with some yoga pants and bunny slippers. 

Don't forget to add some long-sleeved options to the mix for the cooler months and vary up your staples with styles like v-necks or subtle stripes to add some versatility to the simpler side of your wardrobe. 

Head Out With a Hat

No matter what time of the year, a cute hat is always in style. One of the best parts about adding a hemp hat to your repertoire of accessories is that they are year-round options. In the summer, hemp i breathable, so you won't sweat out your blow-out. In the winter, a hemp hat will keep your head warm. 

Moreover, since hemp has become so stylish, you can find everything from hemp beanies to funkier designs to jazz up your headwear game with a sustainable twist. 

Beanies are a fan favorite among hemp aficionadoes because this particular hat style works very well with hemp. Beanies are notorious for falling apart after just a few washes when they are made of less durable fabrics. 

Hemp beanies not only protect your head, but also, they can be washed repeatedly and still maintain their structure and functionality. Hemp beanies generally come in an array of natural colors, too, which means that you can easily add one to your look without having the think too much about matching it up with other elements of your outfit. 

Bust Out a Belt

Belts have always been the functional piece of an outfit, but with funky new designs, they have become important elements of style as well. A hemp belt will keep your pants on - and make you look good doing it. 

The best part about a hemp belt is that since the fabric is so durable, you don't have to worry about going through multiple belts a year. If you are one of those people that seemingly wears belts out all the time, then this is a definite wardrobe style staple for you. 

Men's Hemp Clothing Trends

One of the best things about hemp clothing for guys is that it speaks to those that care about fashion and those that don't. It is versatile enough to be used in the most basic of menswear designs and in some funkier and way trendy looks for guys that put a lot into their appearance. Here are some trend menswear trends in hemp. 

Haute Hoodies

Okay, a hoodie just never goes out of style and no matter what your personal taste, it is a must-have in any guy's closet. In fact, this is one that crosses over and applies to all genders. A hoodie is comfortable, but a hemp hoodie ratchets up the comfort factor by a lot. 

Imagining staying warm in a hoodie made from a hemp terry cloth fabric blend is enough to make you want to stock up on one in every color. One of the best things about hemp hoodies is that they perform well in terms of the longevity of the fabric, but are made from the natural fibers of hemp. 

The "Dad" Cap

Somewhere between a fit that sits on your head with a nice straight brim and the slightly bent brim of a flexible cap is the "dad" cap. Made of hemp, a dad cap provides guys with the flexibility they are looking for in a hat. The brim can be worn straight or bent slightly, depending on personal preference. 

The best part is that the "dad" cap in its infinite coolness is also eco-friendly. 

Cover Up With Hemp Coveralls

Technically, this is a trendy option for men and women. Coveralls made from hemp can be functional, for people that actually need to cover themselves for work purposes (think painters or skilled laborers). Because the fabric is durable, this means that you can wash the coveralls repeatedly for daily wear. 

Trends change all the time, but hemp pieces are style staples that can dwell in your closet permanently. From accessories to wardrobe staples, the hemp pieces on-trend currently can be easily mixed and matched with other elements to maintain your style while also introducing more sustainability to your clothing collection.


To learn more about the benefits of hemp or to pick up a few pieces to add to your wardrobe, visit

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