CBD products for every Valentine’s Day consideration

CBD products for every Valentine’s Day consideration

Valentine’s Day is that ever-divisive holiday that seems to bring anxieties and apprehensions both for those looking to impress lovers and those worried about spending the day alone.

For those with a special someone, the awesome properties of cannabidiol, or CBD, may have promising solutions to some long-troublesome Valentine’s Day needs.

In fact, CBD fans have so many choices that they should be ready for any romantic possibility on this day, like a blessing straight from the winged cherub himself.

First, cannabidiol products are great for relaxation to get in the mood for a lovely evening. Bath bombs infused with CBD are hugely popular among those who use them to refresh their skin and send them into a state of total relaxation. It goes without saying that a pleasant bubble bath can be shared during a celebration during a holiday such as this.

If you want to arrive at your special date smelling irresistible and with silky smooth skin to match, cannabidiol body butters and topical lotions are the best bet. Good luck keeping your Valentine’s hands off you!

Another set of uses CBD on this holiday are those related to love-making itself. Much has been written about the potential of CBD in this arena, as you can read more about in the Nothing But Hemp blog. [1] [2]

For instance, many happy users of CBD oils and edibles (a chocolate truffle, perhaps?) seek them out for anxiety. Anxiety is often a driving factor behind erectile dysfunction, which can put a too-early ending to any sensual evening once things get physical.

Feeling more comfortable is key to avoiding this unfortunate circumstance, which is just one more reason so many use CBD to relieve their anxiety. Plus, CBD is an all-natural plant extract, not a harsh pharmaceutical like many alternative and medical solutions to this pesky problem.

Some writing has been done showcasing the use of CBD oil as a personal lubricant as well, and this makes sense given preliminary studies that show CBD’s uses for pain and inflammation relief. This makes it the perfect candidate for the common discomforts faced during sex, and may just ensure that everyone involved has a great night. [3]

What’s more, daily or at least regular dosing of CBD may even be a healthy boon to male testosterone production by aiding the human body’s endocannabinoid system. [3]

According to other research from the Journal of Sexual Medicine, both male and female endocannabinoid system health plays a role in sexual health and satisfaction because of its relationship to the brain’s reward and enjoyment centers. [4]


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