High-end brands hope to find success by adopting CBD products in their lineup

High-end brands hope to find success by adopting CBD products in their lineup

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Yesterday, CNN Business reported that select high-end fashion brands, among them Neiman Marcus and Barney’s, are keen to pick up some of the profit from growing and successful trend toward CBD products. [1]

According to the report, some locations that carry products from Neiman Marcus, DSW and Barney’s will soon start carrying beauty products that contain cannabidiol, everyone’s favorite non-psychoactive hemp extract.

The change is coming to seven Neiman Marcus locations to start. The Hollywood Reporter cites a statement from Neiman Marcus beauty buyer, Kim D’Angelo. “Cannabis beauty brands are becoming increasingly popular and CBD products are the next big thing in beauty… Neiman Marcus plans to continue to expand our CBD assortment.” [2]

The Hollywood Reporter wrote that Barney’s New York followed this trend, and is partnering with a handful of luxury brands to bring people high end CBD products. Vertly is a company that is making the CBD bath salts they will sell, and they also have an assortment of non-CBD cannabis products.

According to CNN Business, DSW plans to sell CBD in over 100 stores after pilot programs around the country. The first among the brands they will carry is Seventh Sense, which makes CBD foot creams, lotions and the like.

Barney’s is even dedicating a new floor of its Beverly Hills location to cannabis and cannabis-related products. The section, fittingly, will be called “The High End.”

These brands have long been heralded as some of the most prolific definers of taste and quality in luxury products, so their arrival on the scene of the CBD industry may have seismic implications for the field.

Designer CBD may very well usher in a new era of high end, luxury audiences for the products that end up alluring even more people to their use.

Many that have been converted to the benefits of CBD because of the testimonials they’ve heard of people that use it for pain, anxiety, epilepsy and sleeplessness, but this new development could reach an even wider market.

It is likely that those seeking out the high fashion and luxury surrounding Barney’s, Neiman Marcus and DSW are not the same group that are brought in by their hopes to ease epilepsy, and could mean a huge boost to the CBD market.

Still, these products do have some difficulties to face. Last week, New York City banned CBD in food and drink, which means these meccas of fashion and taste won’t be giving their customers a taste at one of the most prominent fashion capitals in the world.

Still, the benefits of this development show promise for CBD fans, and may bring in a whole new population of them, especially among those who appreciate the finer things.


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