Minnesotans Can Now Buy Top Quality CBD at the Maplewood Mall

Minnesotans Can Now Buy Top Quality CBD at the Maplewood Mall

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Everyone has been waiting for a reputable CBD company to get started in Minnesota. So thank God for 'Nothing But Hemp,' which happens to be opening this month at the Maplewood Mall. - Yes, the Maplewood Mall in the Twin Cities! And more great news - Nothing But Hemp only carries lab tested and award winning products that until now, have only been available in medical & recreational Cannabis dispensaries in California, Oregon and Colorado.

The Best Quality

These highly sought after CBD products have been featured in:

- Forbes

- Woman’s Health Magazine

- High Times

- Health Magazine

- Herb

The CBD products have also won prestigious awards from:

- The Dope Industry Awards

- The Cannabis Cup

- Tha Cannabist Awards

Further, because the company is highly reputable, and the products its sells are backed up by various degrees of scientific research, Nothing But Hemp has been featured on both Minnesota Public Radio and Marijuana Ventures.

Money Saving Opportunity

The best thing is that everyone who is interested, or is already taking CBD, can save a pretty penny by visiting Nothing But Hemp. This is because they work directly with cultivating facilities, so they automatically save their consumers a lot of money. They do not have to pay middle men or white label companies (white labelling means slapping another company's label on it, and saying it's yours). - So the savings are passed on to the Nothing But Hemp customers. And more important news - all of the products are Lab Tested and Nothing But Hemp can provide the results right at their store.

A Wealth of Experience

The CEO of Nothing But Hemp, is the only CBD store owner in the Twin Cities that boasts a Cannabis Industry background. Steven Brown, has spent time in the industry, and worked with, and advised, some of the largest cultivating facilities out West. Further, he has even helped to design a Dispensary that was featured on a series called “High Indulgence”. This very popular show was featured on Playboy TV, and was Hosted by Shanley McIntee.

Steven's industry education is second to none, and he empowers customers with a different experience - the experience of professionalism from knowledgeable representatives, that do their very best to give people the much needed relief and improvement that they need.

Special Offer

Nothing But Hemp is now offering a 'Buy 2 Get One Free' offer from the renowned craft CBD brand, Siskiyou Farms.

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