Reports indicate CBD may one day be useful as antibiotic

Reports indicate CBD may one day be useful as antibiotic

One of the most troubling possibilities working within the background of medicine is the prevalence of antibiotic prescriptions and the possibilities for drug-resistant pathogens that could be especially deadly.

Though largely speculative in their worst case possibility, even an off-chance of these “super bugs” should be enough to give public health experts and laymen pause. [1] Luckily, a recent study shows that cannabis may have promise for antibiotic properties down the line.

According to reporting by Newsweek, Australian scientists have discovered that some forms of experimental antibiotic drugs developed using cannabis can actually kill pathogens. [2]

These bacteria were sometimes highly resistant to existing medications, giving scientists quite the surprise when the cannabis antibiotics managed the task of killing them.

The bacteria types in the study included those that cause illnesses in hospital wards, including a pneumonia bug that can be lethal for those with weakened immune systems, Newsweek reported Monday. [2]

As with many of the findings regarding the medical frontiers of cannabis and CBD remedies, this study conducted by Australia’s Centre for Superbug Solutions is preliminary.

According to Study Head Mark Blaskovich, mice were the only medical patients involved. The cannabis-based antibiotic was only used on the animals’ skin to test for effects so far.

"We still don't know how it works,” Blaskovich told Newsweek. “It may have a unique mechanism of action given it works against bacteria that have become resistant to other antibiotics, but we still don't know how.” [2]

The scientist said that the antibiotic was created using wholly synthetic processes and was a rather particular medical experiment, but technically falls into the category of cannibinoid. Other cannabinoids include THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, and CBD, the non-psychoactive relative that grows in popularity by the week.

CBD has been established in some other studies to have the same possible properties borne out by the Australian study. The National Institutes of Health report possible antibiotic properties derived from THC and CBD alike. [3] [4]

Like any other claim about CBD and its uses, research is needed for conclusive evidence according to the standards of the medical industry. Currently, there is only one FDA-approved prescription for CBD.

Still, not being a prescription is actually part of the appeal for many who use CBD. Testimonials abound from those who claim they left harmful prescription pain meds behind when they started using CBD for their chronic pain, arthritis and a slew of other maladies.

Among these, sleeplessness, epilepsy and anxiety problems are some of the most popular uses of CBD products.

In any event, the increasing scientific inquiry into CBD’s medical uses is a valiant and exciting endeavor which seems more promising than ever.