‘Side hustles’ have long raised allure and discussion – where does CBD fit?

‘Side hustles’ have long raised allure and discussion – where does CBD fit?

While it continues to grow and be the foundation of new small businesses, the CBD, or cannabidiol, industry carries with it opportunity for innumerable people hoping for a slice of the market to themselves.

According to reporting from the Seattle Times, 2017 saw direct sales by individuals of CBD products valued at as much as $34.9 billion dollars, and the industry is only going to grow with the passage of the newest farm bill late last year. [1] This has empowered thousands to branch out on their own and make a bit of extra cash through direct sales of CBD oils and products.

The farm bill legalized hemp, the agricultural textile from which CBD is extracted, in December of 2018 for all 50 U.S. states. Even lower estimates, like those from the Boston Globe, place the value of hemp products in America at $20 billion by 2020. [2]

The Seattle Times reported that this new wave of interest in the non-intoxicating cousin of the cannabinoid THC has resulted in an arena of business opportunities for plenty of newcomers to entrepreneurship.

Included among these new entrepreneurs are women who are looking to make money from a side-hustle, or just branch out on their own through direct or affiliate sales. The article profiles a series of mothers finding success working from home on a level they never could have hoped to with previous frameworks they may have gravitated toward, like the Avon model half a century ago. [1]

New opportunities in the CBD market are for everyone, not just mothers. According to the Boston Globe, CBD research and entrepreneurship has taken the globe by storm in states around the union, but also the University of Sao Paolo in Brazil. The World Health Organization even released research deeming the use of CBD as neither harmful nor addicting. [2]

Still, technology makes selling the increasingly popular products a breeze, and many individuals have turned to Facebook marketplaces, self-started company pages and the like to pull in interest from around their community of friends and virtual neighbors.

The booming job market sure to come with CBD’s fresh attractiveness and promise is natural, given the many attractive ways people use the cannabinoid, like for epilepsy, anxiety and sleeplessness.

We should all be excited by the prospect of this newly-minted industry, both for the innovation and job creation it is sure to bring.

Still, we shouldn’t take the new entry of myriad individual contractors and sellers in the market without a somewhat critical eye. The more people there are selling CBD, the more consumers need to trust the source of their CBD products to meet their needs.

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