How Nothing But Hemp remains the best source for top-quality CBD

How Nothing But Hemp remains the best source for top-quality CBD

In the new and expanding field of CBD products in Minnesota and the U.S. generally, finding a source for quality products can be a challenge.

As more and more people use CBD for their needs, like pain relief, anxiety and epilepsy, they also find it more imperative to have trust in the products they turn to. Here’s how Nothing But Hemp ensures the quality that makes it Minnesota’s leading CBD supplier.

For Nothing But Hemp’s CEO, Steven Brown, the process of selecting products is paramount. He says the highest quality products are essential to keeping trust with his loyal customers and building it with newcomers to CBD.

Brown said when he looks for new products to carry at Nothing But Hemp, he first examines the industry-proven, award-winning brands.

Many of the brands the chain carries are cannabis industry award-winners, but a farm-to-table customer experience is also important, Steven said. That’s why suppliers who cultivate their own hemp for products feature so prominently in the Nothing But Hemp lineup.

Accreditation is another method Brown relies on to seek only the best the CBD industry offers. The brands Nothing But Hemp works with are all verified at each release of a new batch of products by certified third-party analysis labs.

“This is about product safety,” Brown said.

These labs are certified under both ISO-IEC, an international business accountability standard used by the government, and the Perry-Johnson laboratory certification system.

Labs with these credentials create detailed reports on the cannabinoid contents of CBD products. These natural compounds include CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN, THC, CBD-A and CBG-A.

Different cannabinoid levels occur in different amounts in CBD products, but these tests also expose whether a product contains any pesticides that may have contacted the hemp they’re made from – something Nothing But Hemp strictly avoids.

Much of this certainty comes from the discretion Brown said he applies when dealing with CBD suppliers.

If the lab testing results for a batch of CBD products shows the active ingredients are underpowered or irregular but not harmful, Brown said Nothing But Hemp phases the entire brand out of use in the stores as soon as a problem is identified. This is avoided as early on as possible, but different batches can have different attributes, so constant vigilance is needed.

“It’s definitely a time commitment, but something that needs to be done on every new batch. It’s working with those companies that are well-established and have a customer base that loves them, but never taking your eye off the ball,” Steven said.

Stringent, selective processes can be present challenges, but Brown said these are well worth it.

The result? Nothing But Hemp customers have the advantage of knowing they will get the best quality every time they visit our website or locations.

Despite the confusion bound to accompany any new and increasingly popular industry, Nothing But Hemp is constantly working for you to ensure only the finest products are on offer.

The next time you are in the market for CBD products, seek out the award-winning brands you can trust at a Nothing But Hemp location in Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood on West Lake Street, the Maplewood Mall off White Bear Avenue, or our newest store in Forest Lake.