Mixologists are using CBD in cutting edge cocktails

Mixologists are using CBD in cutting edge cocktails

NEW YORK – In one of the most important epicenters of food and drink innovation in the world, recent months have brought a new and intriguing pairing that is beginning to spread across the continent.

The zany, sometimes mad-scientist-reminiscent bartenders of Manhattan were among the first to mix CBD oil into their repertoire of cocktail ingredients.

In April of 2018, the team at the East Village’s bar, Mamacha, unveiled their first CBD-infused cocktail, according to reporting from CNBC. In September, the Woodstock Bar in New York City added their first cocktail infused with the non-psychoactive hemp extract to their menu. [1]

The White Rabbit is a gin-based drink, which infuses 1 mg of CBD oil with simple syrup, honey and lemon juice, and has become the venues most popular gin drink.

With the mixologists of New York City on board the new trend, it’s no surprise that other barkeeps around the country and world are trying their hand at cannabinoid concoctions.

In Michigan, Ale Mary’s bar in Royal Oak recently launched their new CBD menu additions, three drinks that are served with CBD soda as their tonic. [2]

That’s not even the half of it. Since the last year or so saw these first experiments, the National Restaurant Association conducted a survey that found that CBD-infused foods and drinks will likely characterize the most popular dining trend of 2019, according to reporting from USA Today. [3]

Why are forward-looking bar leaners all around the country turning to CBD? Mainly because it seems to complement all the things they love about a high-quality drink.

Many users of CBD turn to it for anxiety relief, like how a stiff one might calm the nerves. Those who seek out the combination often consider it the perfect match.

Depending on the flavoring of the CBD oil extract, the addition of the ingredient can lend an entirely new twist to a drink that’s become a well-known favorite for many bartenders and drinkers alike.

CBD oils come in tons of flavors like mint, lemon and apple and when you count the combinations of other flavors used to make cocktails, the choices are extremely varied.

This gives those with a passion for making new drink creations and recipes tons of freedom to surprise and please their customers, whether they are aficionados or newcomers.

Of course, there are other reasons CBD could be considered a great pairing with your favorite Manhattan, Mint Julep or Old Fashioned.

One of the most common uses people find for CBD oil is pain relief, which plenty of cocktail enthusiasts turn to in the morning.

With these benefits, it’s not surprising the CBD mixology trend is taking off. As you weather the cold winter months, keep an eye out in your nearest dive or speakeasy, and maybe throw a suggestion to your bartender about the cocktail ingredient you can’t wait to try.


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