What can seniors expect from using CBD?

What can seniors expect from using CBD?

Nearly 50 million Americans are over the age of 65, and with an aging population of people in the Baby Boomer generation, this is only expected to increase. [1]

We all know certain physical realities accompany the process of aging. Whether we’ve seen it in ourselves or our loved ones, time takes its toll on the human body. But some conditions and issues are more prevalent than others.

For many of the most prominent age-related maladies and chronic conditions, some seniors have started to turn toward the cannabinoid, CBD, which is hemp-based but non-psychoactive.

Regardless of what these new seniors may have been up to in the ’60s and ’70s, this compound is only related to the cannabinoid THC, and doesn’t get the user high.

Studies show that CBD and products that use it have a variety of uses. The National Institutes of Health have found in preliminary trials benefits of CBD in possible treatments for pain, glaucoma, among other facets of health. [2] [3] New and effective ways to treat these problems are always in high demand for seniors.

Seniors often use these products for pain relief, glaucoma and to stimulate bone health. While added need to keep track of personal medication and scheduling surely comes with aging, many happy users rely on CBD to keep their dependence on pharmaceuticals at bay.

According to the AARP, the interest from older people extends beyond CBD, too. According to their site, in June 2018 over 36 percent of medical marijuana cardholders in the U.S. were over 50 years old. [4]

This surge of interest in all forms of relief via cannabis shows a real cultural change in attitudes, one that has few analogues in other aspects of American politics and life.

But what other uses do seniors find for CBD and CBD products?

Many seniors and others who suffer from arthritis use CBD for the symptoms from that condition. Studies have shown that CBD has promise in easing both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. [5]

On top of the many benefits of CBD listed above, some seniors have found CBD useful to help them sleep and to facilitate a healthy appetite, which is useful because as many people grow older they find their urges to sleep and eat lessen over time. [6]

Once you have decided whether CBD is right for you or your family members, it’s important to find the most trustworthy brands and products to use for your specific needs.

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