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Clarity on CBD food and drink policy may be in the cards for 2020

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Among the more contentious news items since the federal legalization of CBD and industrial hemp in 2018 has been government agency’s standoffish perspectives on CBD in food and drink products.

In the beginning of 2019, the field for hemp recipes, snacks and tons of other consumer products and specialties seemed promising and bountiful. Since then, the Food and Drug Administration has released statements that have cooled excitement, but the new year could bring a change to the slow-down.

Many entrepreneurs and business owners denounced heavy handed crackdowns and seizures across the country early last year after statements from the FDA called CBD in food and drink products illegal, leading to thousands of dollars of inventory losses and inconveniencing customers.

Where once thriving local cocktail and bartending scenes looked to experiment with CBD in places like Manhattan, the federal government’s lack of clarity on this topic has been a drain on hopes.

CBD food and drink products have still been sold in places that sell legal and recreational marijuana products across the states, but for new jurisdictions banking on CBD-only sales, prospects can look more dicy.

The overarching nebulous policy at the FDA is not the only problem for CBD fans and business owners. State and local policies have also played a role in freeing — and restricting — hemp economies.

Crain’s Chicago Business blog reports that in the Windy City, CBD has grown to become widely accepted in the bartending and restaurant scene despite federal rules. [3]

As with other cannabis laws and cultural movements, frequently the ordered regulatory approach can be too slow to catch up with an excited and invested public.

According to Reason, an Oregon oversight board recently passed a ban on CBD alcoholic beverages. [2]

Still, the story isn’t over when it comes to food and drink that contains CBD.

According to Forbes, 2020 may bring new clarity from the bureaucrats at the FDA, where deliberations are currently underway to better establish hemp rules and regulations.

Signs didn’t look promising in the fall of 2019 when the FDA released a warning statement about CBD, but the agency’s tune may soon change.

Given that it offered some months for public comment from CBD customers, investors, farmers and retailers, the FDA may release a more sound and equitable plan for the industry.


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