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Dollar General stores become newest national chain to supply CBD products

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In the past year, a flurry of eager corporate properties have adopted cannabidiol, or CBD, retail inventories to keep up with an influx of public demand for the products.

The latest of these is Dollar General, which announced Dec. 10 that it would be rolling out hemp and CBD products to select state locations of the chain. The newest name in CBD brings more comfort to those hoping to see the products proliferate and grow in popularity, but also sheds light on the need to be discerning when shopping for quality.

CBD’s spread to Dollar General follows the example set by CVS Pharmacies, Walgreens, Rite Aid and a spattering of other convenience and health stores that have begun selling the cannabis compound in a variety of formats.

According to U.S. News and World Report, over 1,000 Dollar General locations in Tennessee and Kentucky now offer CBD products. [1]

“Our decision to offer CBD products is based on customer interests or demands,” Dollar General Chief Merchandising Officer Jason Reiser said, according to U.S. News and World Report.

Seven more states will see CBD inventories on the shelves at Dollar General stores next year, the news source reported. [1]

“At Dollar General, the customer is at the center of all we do, and the addition of CBD items is an extension of our ongoing commitment to provide customers with a curated and affordable assortment of the products they seek,” Reiser said, according to MarketWatch. [3]

“As with many of the products we carry in our stores, our decision to offer CBD products is based on customer interests or demands.” [3]

Given this vast sweep of CBD purveyors that run the gamut from dollar-store and gas station “convenience” to high end and even luxury brands, trust can be hard to come by in the CBD world.

Luckily, a team of experienced cannabis and retail professionals is ready to teach newcomers and CBD veterans alike which products are right for their needs.

At Nothing But Hemp, education is first and foremost, along with organic, award-winning and lab-tested products that have earned some of the most notable reputations in the industry.

With products from house-brand Siskiyou Sungrown or midwest favorite Minny Grown CBD, customers at Nothing But Hemp are sure to find only the highest quality farm-to-table organic CBD.

Visit a Nothing But Hemp location near you to find just which products best suit your needs, with the best products and none of the bluster!


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