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Farmers’ group announces construction should center on hemp

Happi Raphael for Wikimedia Commons

A group of agriculturalists recently suggested that builders in Europe and the U.S. should focus on using hemp products and wool to create more environmentally friendly options.

The National Farmers Union in the UK recently released a report claiming that if people want to be environmentally-conscious, they should turn to hemp in lieu of more popular building materials and seek out wool instead of fiberglass insulation to save on energy.

The London Telegraph reported this month the NFU suggests that hempcrete, an experimental new material made from industrial hemp and with some of the most interesting conservational aspects available, should be used in construction projects from now on. [1]

With the aim of going carbon neutral eventually, the guidance from the NFU shows how the fully renewable substance can attain some of the same attributes as traditional materials if handled correctly.

As previously described on the Nothing But Hemp blog, hempcrete can require some added care and attention — without special shaping and reinforcement, plus added time to set compared to ordinary concrete the substance doesn’t perform as well — but the tradeoff is a huge environmental win. [3]

In addition to using hempcrete instead of more traditional concrete and cinder block methods, wool is another renewable resource the NFU says could replace fiberglass insulation and other potentially-harmful non-renewable materials.

While cost for these various solutions can range higher than the standard fair at times, the benefit of taking on the climate crisis head-on shouldn’t be underestimated, the Telegraph reports. [1]

Hemp was recently legalized in America in 2018, and the same interest seen across the U.S. has been felt in Britain and Europe as well. Still, these construction uses haven’t been the main source of interest so far.

Customers mainly have enjoyed cannabidiol, or CBD, products that offer many of the benefits of marijuana without the mind-altering high.

CBD is used by people all over the world for chronic pain, anxiety, forms of epilepsy and insomnia, among other conditions. Scientific findings are still underdeveloped, but loads of testimonials confirm that people have found success with the products.

Not all CBD is equal, though some brands and products bring the same environmental consciousness to supplements and skincare products as construction has promised in the story above.

For environmentally-responsible CBD that features organic processes, cuts down on artificial additives and brings consumers the award-winning brands they can trust, Nothing But Hemp is the best option for those in North America.

With locations in a growing list of states including Nevada, Minnesota and Florida, plus an online store that is expanding all the time, the educationally-focused staff at Nothing But Hemp is ready to field your questions and get you the right CBD products for your needs.


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